Brass bolt, Ingenika Crag, 1930
1930 Swannell survey station brass bolt, Ingenika Crag




The BC-Alberta Interprovincial Boundary Survey 1913-1924
For this new research project, information is requested from descendants of the Boundary Survey participants... >>

Ernest Lamarque: Artist, Surveyor And Renaissance Man


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Bannock and Beans Furrows in the Sky
Bannock and Beans: During the Great Depression, multi-millionaire Charles Bedaux spent $250,000 attempting to drive half-track Citroens across the northern BC wilderness. Bob White, a cowboy working for Bedaux, reminisces in cowboy storyteller tradition about this unique journey.>>

Furrows in the Sky: A former BC Surveyor General, Gerry Andrews is especially remembered for his pioneer work in aerial photography which helped the Allies map the beaches used on D-Day and which dramatically changed forest practices in BC. Andrews com-pared aerial photography to "plowing photographic furrows up and down the sky".>>
   BC Historical Federation 2012: Furrows in the Sky received the Honourable Mention book award.
More about Milligan and Hart In the Shadow of the Great War: The 1913-1914 Milligan and Hart surveys of Northeastern BC provided the first detailed information about the geography, people, and economic potential of this remote region.>>



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  • Surveying Northern British Columbia
  • Surveying Southern British Columbia

These books may be ordered online from
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Chapters and by

• Bannock and Beans
• Furrows in the Sky
• In the Shadow of the Great War
• Return to Northern British Columbia
• Surveying Central British Columbia