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"In 1928 my lifelong ambition came true for a long ride across country. A chum and I with two pack horses rode 1400 miles to Hudson Hope in northern British Columbia, then onto trap lines in winter and pack trails in summer." -- Bob White

During the research for Bannock and Beans, Bob White's family found the album of his photos from northern BC, containing about 300 of Bob's pictures, all labeled. They include pictures of Bob's life as a trapper in the remote Halfway River Valley in the Peace River region; photos of Bob's time as a packer in 1930 on the well-known Pacific Great Eastern Railway Survey; photos of a cowboy's life on the 1934 Bedaux Expedition; photos from guiding an American hunter in 1935; and photos from his trip during winter 1936 to the site of Bedaux's proposed ranch in the wilderness area of the Sustut River. Bob's photos are an invaluable record of life in northern BC during the 1930s.

Bob White pg 1 ... With Bedaux
Bob White pg 2 ... After Bedaux


Playing hockey on the Peace River

August 1928: Bob White left the family ranch in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan with a friend to seek adventure in the Peace River country of northeast BC. After a month on horseback, the two stopped in High Prairie, Alberta, to work on harvesting crews. Bob stayed the winter while his friend returned home. Spring 1929: Bob resumed travel, in company with Bob Godberson from High Prairie. The two Bobs set up a trapline in the Halfway River valley northwest of Fort St. John. They spent winters as trappers, and summers as packers, guides or ranchhands.

People from Hudson's Hope playing hockey on the Peace River--
"Hudson Hopers indulging in a little hockey"




Ranch hands  Heading back to the trapline

Left: The two Bobs working on a ranch (Bob White on the left)
Right: After Christmas, heading back to the trapline




Furs and trapping equipment Bob White with fur catch

Left: The two Bobs with furs and trapping equipment like stretching boards and snowshoes
Right: Bob White and fur catch, fall of 1935




Mrs. Turner with a wolf skin  Halfway River: the Turner children

Settlers in the Peace River country. Left: Mrs. Turner with a wolf skin;
Right: The Turner tots on the Halfway River


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